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Who are we, what do we do?

About Us

A G Mortgages Ltd is a company that has grown out of my experiences in financial services since I joined the industry in 1995. However, knowledge and experience are not always enough so before I decided to create my own company, I asked my clients, friends and family what they would want from a mortgage specialist. The three most important features were:
  • Personal service – one convenient point of contact and no dealing with call centres.
  • Impartial advice – somebody who listens to the client then finds the right solution.
  • Confidence and trust – an adviser who knows the market place but removes the mystery and jargon.

These have moulded my philosophy in establishing A G Mortgages Ltd and the benchmarks by which I ensure high standards of service and advice.We all need impartial advice, in plain language, and never more than when we are looking at what is likely to be the biggest investment in most people’s lives. That’s where A G Mortgages Ltd can help by providing advice and making recommendations tailor-made to you.For your convenience, we do not work the traditional “9 to 5, Monday to Friday” like so many other brokers and lenders, but offers extensive access at times to suit you and your lifestyle. A G Mortgages Ltd can also offer home visits by prior appointment.

I look forward to helping you.

Adam Guratsky
DirectorA G Mortgages Ltd

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